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Editor and writer for • from London, England • Designing for own clothing label Eston Charles while working @ adidas Originals • Arsenal fan • HipHop fan • Sneaker collector.
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    As the next two albums dropped, in 1985 and 1986, the trefoiled Run-D.M.C. came to represent black, urban youth across America. What had begun as an indicator had become a flag. “We was [sic] going through Detroit, through Boston, through Chicago, through LA, through Virginia; every city we went to on the Raising Hell Tour, we would look out the back of the tour bus and everybody had the Adidas [track] suits from head to toe,” McDaniels continued.

    • Video shows shocking moment Florida painter smashed $1 million vase in gallery protest

    • •Maximo Caminero charged with criminal mischief 
    • • Local artist claimed he smashed the artwork in protest at museum mainly showing work by international artists
    • $1 million piece was created from 7,000-year-old vase


    His act is a form of expression which is where the real art lies. IMO